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Haus Band — Insomnia Classics vol 1

Our first label release! It’s Haus Band with a mini album of lo-fi fuzz electronica for your late nights. Artwork by the always wonderful Lily Wales. Available on cassette and digital. Check it out

Cover for Insomnia Classics vol 1. An album by Haus Band

DJ Ball Haulage presents Wunderbar

In Memoriam. For the gang x

Cover for the DJ Ball Haulage presents Wunderbar mix

Indubitable Dubz

A mix celebrating stoned, productive evenings. Having folks over and steaming up the windows. Cooking up a roast. Love wearing layers. Stick these tunes on and slip into Autumn.

Cover for the Midnight Mischief mix shows DJ Birkens Tock playing bass guitar in a pink neon jungle

ZINE Spring 2019 issue

Spring 2019. It’s like the regular edition but bigger and more rushed.

Graphic of neon text that reads 'wait for it to kick in'

DJ Birkens Stock’s Midnight Mischief

A rare glimpse into the night-time activities of Nottingham’s most elusive DJ

Cover for the Midnight Mischief mix shows DJ Birkens Tock playing bass guitar in a pink neon jungle

Der Shrankdisko Neun

Celebrating a life of colour, variety, style and hedonism, the Closet Disco series continues in its usual uplifting style. Play it loud in your kitchens, cars, on your commute.

Cover for the Closet Disco 9 mixtape shows an Asain man having a good time. He is wearing pink goggles and a turquoise shirt

ZINE March 2019 issue

Our March zine issue rounds up some of our favourite recent music. This one is for singular artists and wild mutations.

Black and white photo of Patrick Young, Raconteur, deep in BBQ smoke


DJ Ball Haulage compiles a selection of his records to serve as an antidote to our confusing and concerning times.

BREXIT is not good for working DJs. Look at Ball Haulage here, sleeping outside with a shoe missing, empty bottle of rum in his flaccid hand

ZINE Febraury 2019 issue

The more batshit everything becomes, the more poignant and reflective music is. Terrifying and refreshing in equal measures. Larger musical appetites should be feeling pretty satisfied right now.

Artwork by Lily Wales, a collage showing a distorted face in lime green and bright pink

AMOR live in London

A photo of the band Amor, live in London

January mix: Soothe

January is a good time to heal, catch up on sleep and reset foundations for the year ahead. The music here varies in mood but all subscribes to that common theme. It's been curated to enjoy in armchairs, on beaches, alone with headphones.

A grainy, abstract photo of a shadow against a plain wall

Collected murals

A drug-induced pixel mural, jazz and sex

Spacedubdanceonthebeach volume 1

A netherzone trip of a mix from our resident DJ Ball Haulage, perfect for your slumberdance.

A unfolded cassette tape cover shows a handsome man on a bed of roses, pointing towards the Andromedia galaxy with a far away look on his face